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9 year old sleeping nighmare

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Emz078507 Mon 29-Aug-16 21:35:01

My 9 year old boy is have serve sleeping problems that he wants either me or the hubby to be one up one down when he goes to bed.. Then sometimes as little as a hour after he has gone to sleep he is up shaking and sweating really bad saying he can hear noises he then refuses to sleep back in this bedroom, we have allowed him for the last 3-4 no this sleep on an airbed in our room, but now our 3 year old wants to do this too,
We have tried the talking and supportive route with no success, we have tried the grounding route has no effect, even room his pride and joy away football no effect at..
Last night i slept on the landing right outside his bedroom door.. He stayed in bed and slept only because he knew i was there..
Any suggestions would be really helpful thank u in advance

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