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Coping with an ever changing routine!

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SnowWhite26 Mon 29-Aug-16 06:36:37

I need a bit of advice but sorry if my post is a bit ranty. My lo is 10 and half months. Very happy most of the time.She has been going to bed at about 630 for along time as this is when shes tired and used to wake up at 5ish and would sometimes doze back off but in the last couple of months she tends to sleep through till 6-6.30.She naps when ever she gives me sleep signals. But if I am in it tends to be 1-2 hours in the morning or if she hasnt had that in the morn I try and be in for her to have that in the afternoon. She then cat naps. So prob 2-3 hours on a sleepy day and 1 and half to 2 on a normal day.
Anyway in the past few days she has being waking up at either 3ish upset and wanting a cuddle then going bk to sleep or as this morn 5ish for good. I ignore her until she is crying as she chats but she is not going back to sleep. She is kinda scootching around a new moving skill she has learnt this week so could this be why? The thing is I dont deal with change in routine well. I get cross at my husband and shout at him. I new the movement thing was coming but didnt want it to wake her up.It is dark now in the morn no reason to wake. Anyway I get worse when I am coming up to my time of the month and never used to get annoyed so much. I am going bk to work next week and trying to get a normal life back for my self for instance slimming world joining a hobbie group and then work and house work. Other people do all this and have 3 kids so why am I struggerling. Sorry for big rant. Just feeling a bit down. I am so lucky to have my lo but want a bit of my life back but with changing routines I dunno.
Thanks if you did read it all xx

PlanBwastaken Mon 29-Aug-16 06:48:59

I understand it's difficult, but I think your expectations are slightly too high (and I say that as someone who was sobbing at 5am after rocking my non sleeper for two and a half hours last week).

You're not saying if you're breastfeeding in the night - if not, can you and DH take nights in turn when you go back to work? Can you go to bed early? Very early mornings are not that unusual for toddlers, so if you have a few coping strategies it might help further on.

Once I accepted that it's normal for babies to wake up in the night and stopped waiting for DD1 to sleep through it got easier mentally. I've only got two, not three, but I get by on coffee and broken sleep - it's amazing what you get used to.

It'll get better eventually, until then it's just a matter of surviving.

SnowWhite26 Mon 29-Aug-16 06:56:34

Thanks for you comment. I ff but stopped feeding in the night a while back as she stoped waking. I think I expect it coz she has slept through from 630 till 5ish for at least 3 months natually but now its seems to be earlyer coz she wants to get up and move. When I am used to something i get stupidly cross not at the baby but I just feel out of control. I am trying to dp sw and join a hobby and clean the house for normality and control I guess. I cant tell her when to wake up and I hate that I dont no what she wants me to do to help her go back to sleep. My husband does help we do take it turns but i still get annoyed at him sad

mandyemma13 Thu 01-Sep-16 23:52:08

Hi hun. Totally feel the same. But.. babies change routine every couple of months or so. The best thing to do is change it before them. As your saying her nap times are changing. Put her to bed a little later or try and get her to nap less so she sleeps longer at night. Every 3 to 4 months I write out a new routine for my 7 month old son which is normally just a little change to adjust to him. Babies sleep longer and wake longer as they get to toddlers. Good luck x

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