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10 week olduring won't go down after night feed

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Pagetta Mon 29-Aug-16 05:12:50

My BF 10 week old goes down around 8 really well, we have bedtime routine and generally we put him down - sometimes drowsy sometimes asleep - and after a couple of dummy runs he's sound asleep .

We then dream feed formula at 11.30 and he goes til 4 or 5. At that point I BF him in bed in nice dark room. That bit is all good.

Problem comes that after this he often is wide awake and takes over an hour to settle. Then he is feeding every hour.
It's killing me as then my 3 yo DS comes in 7.30 and that's me awake for the day!

In the day there's no set routine really -:I feed on demand and he naps sporadically. If we're out he'll sleep a lot in car and Buggy. In the house all day stresses me as he will only do 2-3 v short naps.

Tried following EASY routine which worked great with my first, but this one is so hungry it's more like EAEAEAESY routine lol!

Any tips on settling him that 2Nd half of the night most welcome!


Newmanwannabe Mon 29-Aug-16 06:01:39

Is the formula upsetting his tummy a bit? Perhaps some expressing to up your supply, then you could always give that dream feed as expressed milk instead and see if that makes a difference?

ElphabaTheGreen Mon 29-Aug-16 06:56:06

It's not second half of the night, though, is it? He sleeps eight solid hours before that - at 10 weeks old!! It's just from 4am, which is the point at which sleep cycles shorten, so he won't go back to sleep as easily. He'll sleep more lightly and need more support to sleep. Are you trying to put him in a cot? If so, that's your 'problem'. He may well go back to sleep quickly and stay that way if you co-sleep from that point.

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