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Calling all problem solvers... please help!

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TheLongRains Sat 27-Aug-16 22:41:17

I have two sleep problems in one baby. The first can't be helped, as it's medical and we just have to wait it out (not what I wanted to hear from the docs!), but it's kind of tied into the second.

Basically, my youngest has a tummy problem, which means at night she gets really really gassy and bloated, but she struggles to release the gas. Thankfully she's getting better at this, so I have to go to her less often in the nights, but she does need to be quite free to move around, otherwise the gas pains wake her.

Problem two is that with the necessary moving to relieve pressure in her tummy, she's crashing into the ends of her cot, and now that is causing her to wake.

In terms of solving her gassiness, there's not much I can do (we do bedtime massage, but doctors say no other treatments are advised). For her crashing about, I want to be able to tuck her firmly in place with a blanket, but that would then stop her moving, so the gas pains would wake her...

She doesn't lose her limbs to the outside world, so I'm not sure it's the weavey bumpers I need, as she'll still hit the sides, even though they'd be a little more padded... She really does throw herself around with force - I hear the crash from her room before anything comes through the monitor!

For info, she's 1yr old, so we've got a while left in a cot, and she sleeps in sleeping bags, which allow her to move as she needs to, but slightly slow her down, so it takes longer for her to wriggle to the far end and headbutt it.

So, please tell me you have a brilliant solution! I'm up about seven times a night, either comforting a child with a bumped head or helping her pass wind..! She and I both need a solution!

FATEdestiny Sat 27-Aug-16 23:27:15

To have got to 12 months old and have only just started encountering crashing into the cot sides isn't bad going, it's often when they start rolling so much earlier.

Basically you don't need to do anything, babies just do this. I've never known any harm be caused, cot bumpers are unsafe to use.

The sides of the cot serve their purpose, stopping the child falling out when rolling around. Child gas to learn their bed space and rolling around and bumping into the sides is how they do that.

Give it time and baby will be more specially aware. Until then, you just have to trust that babies are hardy creatures.

TheLongRains Sun 28-Aug-16 08:36:50

Thank you for your reply smile sadly she did start long ago, but it is just now that I have become utterly desperate for sleep! I just feel like if she didn't need to wriggle so violently to sort her tummy out, she wouldn't hit the head of the cot with such vigour, but as I can't help her with her tummy pain, I hoped I could help with the wriggling/crashing. Does every baby really spend months crashing into their cot sides and waking up? This is another thing that would be encouraging to have been told happens to everyone! None of my friends have ever mentioned theirs doing this - but then, everyone does love to pretend they've got a baby that never wakes in the night..!

Oh well! I guess it's just more months of zombie-mum.

(or do they sell super king size cots anywhere...?) (only half joking)

FATEdestiny Sun 28-Aug-16 10:18:04

Most babies don't have this trapped wind issue you mention, so are more settled ( and do still) in their sleep. But there will be babies (and adults) who crash around lots in the night just by their nature.

Has reflux not been investigated in regards to wind? Or food allergies?

Does she cry in the night when she wakes? Gulping in air when crying can cause wind.

FATEdestiny Sun 28-Aug-16 10:20:17

Correction: (and do so still)

RandomMess Sun 28-Aug-16 10:24:22

What about using a travel cot as they have mesh sides?

TheLongRains Sun 28-Aug-16 11:19:14

The reason for her gassiness is known, and sadly isn't a food issue or reflux. She doesn't cry, as such, when she wakes. If it's a gas pain she kind of, yelps?! Like a loud scream, but one scream, rather than a cry, if that makes sense. But if she crashes into the cot end particularly hard, then she does cry, so she could be taking in extra air then. It's not really a distraught, gulpy cry, more of a "I'm letting you know about this!" type cry, but she could still be swallowing air.

Her gassiness is a result of a bad reaction to a course of antibiotics, which has left her unable to properly digest/deal with food (food in general, so sadly nothing we can eliminate, though we avoid the obvious gas-making foods), so we just have to wait for her gut to recover. We're 8 months into the wait though, so it could be quite some wait!

A travel cot is a great idea! Hadn't thought of that. The mesh sides would at least be less of an impact than the wooden end of her cot. I'll put it up today and give that a go tonight smile thanks!

fluffikins Sun 28-Aug-16 14:23:22

Have you tried baby probiotics? 8 months seems a long time for a reaction to antibiotics, I'd be tempted to push for more investigation or go off dairy as it could well be a cows milk allergy

TheLongRains Sun 28-Aug-16 16:04:37

All good ideas, but we've done (and still do) probiotics, we've done dairy free for months, both me and her (no improvement, so were told to go back on), and we've seen seven GPs and a paediatric gastroenterology consultant sad I'm thinking I need to take her back in the next couple of months if it's still the same.

I'm currently giving her as much variety as I can, and leaving skins on as many things as I can (that was the latest doctor recommendation), but I feel like surely there must be some kind of baby antacid or something I can give her to at least ease the gas, even if it doesn't cure the cause. Though I'm reluctant to give her anything else after what the antibiotics have done confused

The consultant did say to come back in six months if still the same, and they'd then investigate more, but I'm not sure I'll still be alive in six months!

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