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Wriggly sleeper

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Yonosemanana Fri 26-Aug-16 22:52:33

My 6 month old has really begun wriggling all over the place in his sleep. This seems to be waking him up as he then gets into an uncomfortable position and wails for us to 'save' him.. I've seen advice for mesh on the side of the cot and I'm definitely going to get that to avoid the trapped feet, but I'm also worried about him sleeping on his side or tummy- I try and ease him onto his back again and he moves back to his side- sometimes straight away the little sod! Is it ok? Should I leave him be if I see him asleep like this and just go to him if he cries? A month ago we'd made it to 10 hours straight through several times and I thought we were near the golden complete night, alas 'twas not to be; he just loves wriggling too much confused

fluffikins Sat 27-Aug-16 07:58:38

If he's rolling then there's not much you can do and id say (from my own limited experience) that it's absolutely fine for him to be tummy/side sleeping at this point.

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