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Why oh why is he waking up?!

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ppandj Mon 22-Aug-16 19:44:21

My 16mo DS has always been a "bad sleeper". He has now slept through a handful of times (maybe 10-20 nights in his life) but it can't be counted on. He has never settled in a cot so we embraced the "floor bed", this definitely improved things but he still wakes up in the night, sometimes for 2-3 hours. In this time I'm not convinced he is fully awake, but he is sort of moaning and shuffling about then occasionally cries out. He doesn't very often come to the baby gate to cry, but has done on occasion, so I don't think the floor bed is a problem. We ignore this grumbling really but always go to him if he is properly crying. When we go in we say "it's sleepytime" and put him back into a sleep position. Thing is, he does go to sleep on his own when he is properly tired- as in put down when awake/drowsy then walk away and he goes to sleep. If he isn't properly tired he will try to play for a while but will eventually go to sleep with one of us in there.

He recently dropped his second nap and usually has one 2 hour long nap at about 9am-11am or 10am-12pm. His bedtime is 7pm with a full bedtime routine. He eats well, plays a lot, or as much as I can manage as I am 11w pregnant, and is generally happy. He just won't sleep through. Is it time for peeper sleep training? If so, which method suits? Is the bedtime too early? Any help is appreciated as I'm not sure what to try now.

ppandj Mon 22-Aug-16 19:46:27

*proper sleep training

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