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11 and a half month old only sleeping 8pm-5.30am

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MummyoftwoboysII Mon 22-Aug-16 08:17:50

Hi everyone, this is my first time posting and advice on here seems so good I'm hoping someone will have some answers for me- thanks in advance!
I'd ideally like my baby to sleep in longer...
My 11-month old (breastfed) has been a really bad sleeper until about 2 weeks ago. But has a really early wake up time now of 5.30am from going to sleep at 8pm, and just sucks on me until I have had enough at 6.30am and take him off the boob at which time he is grumpy to come off and then reluctantly starts getting himself up and playing. If I don't offer a feed at 5.30am he just keeps crying. Two weeks ago he was waking either twice or three times a night from 8pm-6.30-7am. I was fed up with the night time wakings and couldn't bring myself to do controlled crying on advice of hv without knowing he wasn't hungry so I tried to give him aptimel ready-made formula. He took about 100ml and woke once that night. The next night I tried powdered aptimel formula and same result. Then the next morning he had really bad diarrhoea. So I stopped the formula and gave him cows milk that evening but he would only take about 50ml. He was then waking twice again. He still had diarrhoea so I stopped the cows milk and went back to breastfeeding de he next 3 nights and he woke at 1.40am, 4.30, 5.30 and then 7am all for bfs. In an act of desperation I decided to fill him up with plain yoghurt (hv said its fine) to see what happened. He took 200g yoghurt by spoon at 8pm and slept through til 6am! But we were around family in a hotel that night and he didn't go to sleep til about 9pm. I am still giving him yoghurt and now it's 8pm- 5am but last night a wake up at 11.30pm too. I gave him nurofen and a small bf as he has a cold and he went back to sleep til 5.30am. He also Started walking 2 weeks ago so just really starting to get the hang of it now and has had a cold the past 5 days. So, is his bedtime too late? He only had two 45 min naps yesterday. Or is it because he has a cold or is he just too active with his waking at the moment? Or hungry again at 5.30am? He is on the 91st centile for length but 60th for weight so quite big but fairly slender. Or maybe 9 and a half hours sleep at night is enough and I just have to lump it? I know there's a lot of variables here but maybe there's something I havnt noticed yet that someone else will pick up on.
Thanks everyone. X

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