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Please help 22month old dropping nap and not settling for dh

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LetsPlayBamboozled Sun 21-Aug-16 13:21:40

Bit of a mix of problems here but basically I applied for a weekend and evening job in July when DD's day ran from 8am-10pm roughly with a 2 hour nap and a 10 hour night. I got the job but just before I started she dropped her nap. 6 days in she seemed to be coping fine and was generally sleeping 6.30pm-7am. Then she got a bit cranky. Her other transitions took 2-3 weeks of grumping but I thought she might need the odd nap. She thinks otherwise. She has been having one day a week without a nap for months. But is now trying to go cold turkey and never nap again! We try quiet time. But all of this is compounded by the fact she won't go to sleep at bedtime when I'm not home. When she was up later I'd have been back in time. On Weds she stayed awake for 14hours!!! I feel terrible. Last night I was home an hour after bedtime she instantly self settled after a cuddle. DH says she just screams Mummy over and over.

I am hoping someone has thoughts on how I can get her to nap just some days a week. She has thankfully gone down today after a massive fight. If your toddler dropped their nap gradually were they happy to go to sleep on the days they did?

And/or any advice on how dh can settle her without me? He ends up getting her up when she's hysterical. I have talked to her lots about Mummy goes to work now but it doesn't seem to help at the actual time I'm gone.

Such bad timing. Has anyone been through similar? I realise 22months is young to drop the nap but she dropped to one nap at 12 months too. Tia.

Saladfox Sun 21-Aug-16 13:26:37

I think these are two separate things. Let her do without a nap - DS dropped his two-hour nap cold turkey at about the same age - as it's not something you can force. And how long have you been working and DH settling her at bedtime - hadn't he ever done it before? If it's early days, and it's only ever been you who has settled her, he's just going to have to keep trying, and they'll both get used to one another.

LetsPlayBamboozled Sun 21-Aug-16 13:52:23

Thanks Saladfox helpful to know your ds managed that. It's only been a week at this job so not long. Last summer she happily slept for either of us but since teething and illnesses came along it had to be me, she would just cry harder if dh tried and she won't even let him take her up to bed usually. Even when she's spent all day with him and accidentally calls me Daddy, it has to be me then. It is a big change.

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