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Please help, 2yo terrified after dream

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Kittiewhite89 Thu 18-Aug-16 14:37:53


My recently turned 2 year old has been sleeping perfectly in her toddler bed for about a week now, not a single problem.

2 nights ago I woke up to her screaming, literally terrified and she was climbing out of bed. I couldn't get why she was so upset,
All she kept saying was "ponies" and "twilight, twilight fine" (she loves my little pony so I could only guess she had a bad dream involving ponies!)
She just kept asking to sleep in our bed or go downstairs and saying she doesn't like her big girl bed.
My partner eventually got her to sleep by getting in the toddler bed with her and leaving when she was asleep.

Put her down for a nap the next day and the crying/screaming happened again. I sat in with her for a bit and she just kept looking at me and asking to get out while crying so I had to leave so I wasn't a distraction.

Last night she screamed none stop so I sat on her toy chest until she fell asleep, but she woke early this morning screaming again. She's just been screaming for half an hour again because I've put her down for a nap today.

She's my first child so I don't really know how to tackle this - she doesn't really have that much of a vocabulary or great understanding yet, not sure how to make her realise it was only a dream and her bed is safe - don't want her terrified to sleep in her bed!

To point out I do keep going in to try and calm her.

Anyone had a similar experience? I'm getting so stressed hearing her screaming like that, she sounds like a pig squealing, the last time she cried like this she was having a feeding tube up her nose at 6 months, it's like pure terror.

Don't know whether to just switch back to the cot or push through it, don't k ow if switching back will help or confuse her.

Thank you

Summersun5789 Thu 18-Aug-16 14:40:49

I know this is oh know help. But my niece had the same experience 3 after watching my little pony

The ponies were being attacked by black flying ones.

My sister had to sleep or at least get into her bed with her until she fell asleep for a week

My little pony is now banned in her house and I must say in mine as well. As they are always trying to fight evil which is threatening to kill their way of life

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