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Time to go in her own room?

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BibbidiBobbidi Thu 18-Aug-16 10:31:30

So DD can roll both ways confidently.

She currently sleeps in a Chicco next to me bed which is pushed up against my bed.

The problems I'm having is that she's a fidget.
I put her to bed on her back in the middle of the bed with her feet at the bottom. By the time I come up to bed she's squished up against my bed with her head at the top.
All night long she fidgets and wakes herself and me up when her arms hit the side of her bed or my face which makes us both cranky.
There is no room in our bedroom to put her cot in with us either which is what's making me wonder if it's time she moved into her own room?

She's only 4.5 months old though and I'm a bit worried about moving her too soon and something horrible happening.
As I said, she can roll over both ways.
If I was to put her in her cot with no bedding or a sleep bag on colder nights would this be safe?

It would also make day time naps easier as my DH works nights I can't put her in her current bed to nap.


FATEdestiny Sat 20-Aug-16 00:40:04

SIDS guidelines are very clear that baby should stay in your room until 6 months. However everyone chooses to manage risks in different ways.

Is baby sleeping through without waking at all in the night? If not, I wouldn't fancy traipsing across the landing into another room at every wake up. I'd much rather just have to lean over from my bed to settle.

That said, one of my 4 children was sleeping through 12 hours without waking from this age. But personally I wouldn't have moved the cot out of our room until 6 months even if sleeping thro.

If I didn't have space for a full sized cot in my bedroom, I would remove furniture (chest of drawers maybe) out and into the nursery so that it made room for the cot in my room.

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