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To wake or not to wake?

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spudnik1 Wed 17-Aug-16 11:42:50

My 10 month old is still asleep, he went down for a nap at 9.30am and its now 11.40am! not sure whether to wake or not.

He was at nursery on Monday and only had a 20 minute sleep all day (he starts nursery full time from next week)
But when he is home normally he wakes at 5.30am naps at ~ 9am for an hour then lunch at 11am nap ~ 45min at around 2pm tea at 3pm and bed at 7pm. He sleeps through.

you think this'll mess up his night sleep now?

I did go in his room at 10.15am and open his curtains to get him to slowly wake (usually works) he opened his eyes gave me grumpy face then turned away and went back sleep.

SuperHeroesForKids Wed 17-Aug-16 11:48:55


Step back-quick!!

Get a quick hot tea or coffee-but be quick. Babies wake at the stirring of teaspoons smile

spudnik1 Thu 18-Aug-16 07:47:57

well he woke up on his own at 11.45am, then refused to nap for the rest of the day. He went to bed at 7pm with much screaming, slept through till 5.30am and then wanted a nap at 7.15am !
He was difficult from ~4pm onwards.
Next time i'll wake him up he needs an afternoon sleep!

idontlikealdi Thu 18-Aug-16 07:49:49

I always woke mine - otherwise it all went hideously wrong!

MYA2016 Thu 18-Aug-16 08:22:29

I have to wake mine too... he's 7mo but sleeps 9.30-10.30 and then 2-3. Bed at 7.
The last week he's been sleeping for a lot longer both naps so I've been waking him, otherwise it'll shift bedtime back by 2 hours!

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