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Night feeds!

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Onthedowns Tue 16-Aug-16 22:00:58

Son is 24 weeks old , 19 corrected. He has severe silent reflux and cmpi mainly controlled by rantidine and neocate. In the main he sleeps well wedged up in a sleepyhead in our bed currently. He bottle feeds every 3/4 hours taking 4/5 ounces depending on how sick he is , I have just started weaning him also. He Was in scbu for 3 weeks and we can't seem to get him out of his routine!!! He had last bottle anywhere between 5 and 630. My husband then wakes him between 11/12 then he wakes between 3/430 then wakes about 7/730. However I am now wondering when to start dropping his 11pmfeed? If he has his last bottle at 500 it's s long time to go without and because of his reflux he doesn't take more than 5ozs. However we need to start thinking about adjusting night feeds for weaning ie letting him wake by himself. also as sooner he drops so much liquid the better for his reflux! I did this with my daughter but seems ages ago.

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