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6 week old baby help please

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Bumbler16 Mon 15-Aug-16 06:33:45

Morning all

My LO is 6 weeks old, he's a big boy (nearly 13lb now) and I'm after some advice please.

Up until last week in the day he was taking about 5oz, playing then sleeping for 2 hours. Then in the evening he'd feed on and off for a few hours, probably taking 8oz over a period of time then sleep for 3/4 hours, feed,
Sleep for 2 and then repeat.

Just this last week though it's all changed, I'm only managing to get about 3oz in to him per feed which means he's waking up much sooner and that's if I can get him to sleep, often he's only ok sleeping on me but when I put him down he wow up.
Nights have become harder too, we've had a few evenings where he's cried on and off quite a lot, taken longer to settle and then slept less.

Anyway, I was taking it all in my stride, thinking it's probably connected to a growth spurt or whatever. I do also think that not sleeping enough in the day can make for hard evenings as he's over tired so am trying to work on that.

But then my well meaning MIL said she thinks we should be getting more in to him at each feed (but how??) and offering water in between (I don't think so!) she also said I should be putting him up in his bed by himself for set naps everyday.

So my question to you all please is .. Do 6 week old babies need a routine? I was thinking not! And does anyone know what might have shifted recently to make him be unsettled and am I missing something?

Thanks so much

oddsockfairy Mon 15-Aug-16 06:45:18

From my (hazy, sleep-deprived) recollection from DD at 6 weeks this is pretty standard. As long as you are still getting plenty of wet nappies, I used to let baby dictate when she was hungry and I remember 6 weeks as being particularly fussy - like she had just realised she was a person and wanted to make mummy work for it. DD was entirely breast fed at this point so no idea how much in Oz she was taking in, but she certainly started fussing a lot more and doing shorter feeds (cue panic from me). If you are worried speak to your HV, but I'm afraid babies just like to keep us on our toes - once you think you have one thing sorted they decide to have other ideas grin
As for routine... Well if you manage it well done you. I was just taking it hour by hour at 6 weeks! Routine shmoutine. Do whatever works best for you, DH and baby and what makes you feel least insane! brewcake

oddsockfairy Mon 15-Aug-16 06:48:12

Oh I should add, DD also had a bit of reflux at this point which meant a lot of crying after feeds as she couldn't bring up her wind - also had the sleeping trouble. We used infacol which seemed to help her after feeds but her napping was always awful unless she was on mummy

Bumbler16 Mon 15-Aug-16 07:38:31

Thank you for your reply oddsockfairy

We were happily just plodding along and thinking this was just 'one of those things' but then we she said I began to question it, so then I did a bit of googling about 6 week old babies and almost immediately convinced myself we're the only ones whose baby isn't going 4/5 hours between feeds and more at night.

I don't know why I doubted myself really, he's happy and whilst I'd obviously love more sleep I didn't think we were doing too bad!

I like the idea of a routine later on, when he's old enough but it certainly hasn't occurred to me to try and put him in one now, we were just as you, say taking it hour by hour.

Thanks so much

tiredybear Mon 15-Aug-16 21:25:22

google 4th trimester. All still up in the air at this early stage. Also, google '4 month sleep regression' wish i'd known what to expect.

I think your MIL has forgotten what a little baby is like! set naps and water when they're MUCH older.

Trust your instincts, expect the unexpected and just remember 'this too shall pass'!!

Cel982 Mon 15-Aug-16 21:29:24

She's wrong, and dangerously wrong at that. Very young babies should not be given water, it can cause their salt levels to become dangerously low. And at that age it's safer for them to sleep where you are, rather than in a room alone. Your baby sounds completely normal for six weeks.

3luckystars Mon 15-Aug-16 21:37:15

Daughter is 7 weeks old, if she sleeps before age 3 i will be very grateful!
I have low expectations and ignore any comments because there is no point comparing babies, they are all different.
And no we don't have a routine, just taking it day by day.

I think you are probably tired, that's why your mils comments "got in". Once you have some sleep under your belt, you can laugh off her advice.

Bumbler16 Mon 15-Aug-16 22:24:41

You're all so kind to reply and reassure me, thank you.

I'm sure tiredness has lots to do with it luckystars ! It's when you're at your weakest isn't it when your sleep deprived!

He's a happy baby and I'm a happy mum, that's all that matters. Sleep and routine will all happen at some point when he's/we're ready for it.

Thanks again

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