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LurkyLurkerMcLurkface Wed 10-Aug-16 11:38:04

I seem to only ever post about sleep issues!
My nap dodger is 6 months old. We have got to the point where he's only waking twice a night which for us is amazing. The issue is the naps.
We were starting to do technique I read about on this board (can't find the thread though) that seemed to make sense. Basically baby in cot. Sit next to cot, hand on tummy/back if crying. Was working well, got to a twenty minute sleep time by day 3. Idea to then gradual retreat.
Then my fucking idiot of a DH started picking him up when he cried.
Now he's been screaming for 2 fucking hours. Of course I've snapped and brought him downstairs where he's a grizzly mess.
I feel like telling him it's DH fucking mess and walking out the door. However we had a massive argument this weekend about his bloody DIY projects meaning I don't get a break at the weekend, where I stomped off shopping and got some lovely new sunnies
However, I get the horrible feeling we are heading towards a CIO scenario which I do not want.
Help. Please.

LurkyLurkerMcLurkface Wed 10-Aug-16 11:43:45

Sorry! Have reported and asked to move to sleep

LurkyLurkerMcLurkface Wed 10-Aug-16 13:10:41

So round 2. He's sobbing, I'm sobbing. I have no idea what to do.

NotMrsTumble Wed 10-Aug-16 13:14:02

Here's a virtual hand to hold. Baby Lurkface is probably over-tired. This too shall pass. But for now, I'd try to get him to sleep by any means possible, and then start next nap time as you mean to go on. cakebrewflowers

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