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Only morning nap??

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MaGratgarlik1983 Wed 10-Aug-16 11:26:26

Sorry if this has been asked before, but a few weeks ago now my almost 1 year old dropped a nap - his afternoon nap was always patchy and now is gone. Before anyone says it's early to drop a nap, I did try to offer the nap for a few weeks and always it was flatly refused. So the past few days I have been trying to lengthen the morning awake time in order to get to a noon ish nap time - but this has resulted in grump grump like nothing before! Short naps, irritable child etc. So today I just went with him and gave him his morning nap. I think I'll just let him decide for now but it does mean that we miss loads of cool stuff for him that happens in the mornings. Does anyone else have a morning napper??

Artistic Wed 10-Aug-16 11:29:07

Mine was like this. She dropped the afternoon & was asleep in seconds in the morning. Gradually she was able to stay up longer until it became a post lunch one. smile

BendydickCuminsnatch Wed 10-Aug-16 11:29:15

Mine's doing this too. We're ultimately trying to move to one midday nap, today that will be the case as he only had half an hour 'quiet time' in his cot this morning.

However, if I let him nap more than half an hour in the morning, he won't sleep in the afternoon so will end up being awake say 10am - bedtime which is way too long. So I wake him up after half an hour now if he falls asleep during quiet time. Sometimes he reeeeeally doesn't want to wake up and I would never have dreamed of waking him up a few months ago! But it's really working and he can go the whole morning without sleeping usually now! It's a long process!

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