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8 months sleep fighting

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Nicnak2223 Tue 09-Aug-16 11:01:22

My lb is 8 months (just) and has always been a great sleeper but very grumpy if he doesn't nap/sleep enough.

For about 2 weeks he has been pushing his bed time but has been sleeping by about 830 and only waking once in the night. This weekend we hit a barrier that all naps sleeps were unwanted, no matter how tired he screamed when ever we tried to get him to sleep. In hindsight we've been to slack with letting him stay up or taking him out at dinner time whilst this was happening.

Yesterday I decided to implement his old stricter routine. He woke at 730 (only went to sleep at 11 Sunday evening)
Napped 1020-1120
Napped 1400-1600
Dinner and bath at 630 story with daddy and breastfeed to sleep by 1915

He woke at 2200 until 0100! Lots of screaming and growling wouldfall a sleep then wake once moved, would be asleep but thrashing around on us or our bed. No way we could get him to fall asleep in his cot so needed to be able to move him after!

He is asleep now after he fell asleep on the boob.

I'm after any advice on sleeping tips, routines, my sanity!

Thing I tired last night to get him to sleep
Breastfeeding (worked twice)
Bottle feeding
Singing slowly getting quieter
Lying next to him slowly rubbing or stroking him. (worked twice)

Sorry it's a long one.

Nicnak2223 Tue 09-Aug-16 14:21:11


ashley0710 Tue 09-Aug-16 22:30:03

My little girls routine for sleep is
7 up
10/10:30 nap for 30 mins
7/7:15 bed
She is 10 months
I'd personally try to get him to nap & sleep in his cot it will become predictable routine for him then & wont put up much of a fight going to sleep unless it's a regression. There is a big regression between 8 & 10 months

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