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Gradual retreat night 1.......too easy!

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Nottalotta Mon 08-Aug-16 20:57:35

Ds is just 1 and has never been a great sleeper, and a worse napper.saving grace was bedtime was easy - he'd reliably feed to sleep and go in his cot. Until recently when it stopped working! Never took a bottle either, struggled to put him down for the first 6 months. Lots of posts on here!

Anyway, unexpectedly preggers with dc2 so decided I needed to take things in hand. Have procrastinate for a good few weeks. Last night gave him warm milk before bf (trying to wean gradually, doesn't feeding the day really) and tonight, did the same, he was tired earlier than usual so popped him in the cot at 6.20. He lay with the rest of the milk, watching his lightship, stood up, wandered about, chucked couple of things out of the pram. Eventually did some tired sounding complaining. No tears. I patted and softly sang a bit, he laid for 10 minutes then went to sleep!!

Really apprehensive of tomorrow now though!

Oh and giving him milk in the cot was a mistake, there are damp patches on his sheet and sleepsuit. Ugh.

Nottalotta Tue 09-Aug-16 07:27:31

Well he slept til 2. He woke when I got up to go to the loo. I fed and put him back but he still woke at 4.10. It seems no matter what time the night waking, he always wakesbetween 4&5. No idea what to doaboyt that but one thing at a time!

Nottalotta Tue 09-Aug-16 18:28:45

About to start night 2. Fx it goes as well as last night........

Tinks15 Wed 10-Aug-16 19:31:57 did it go?

okalidokali Wed 10-Aug-16 19:34:24

Watching with interest as considering gradual retreat myself

Nottalotta Thu 11-Aug-16 09:37:25

Night two was fine, it did take a while, 75 minutes, and I did do some singing and patting etc. He was nearly asleep about five times then burst back to life. But no real crying, just some tired crying which wasn't bad. I struggle a lot with crying and was worried he would get really upset, so am glad he hasn't so far.

Last night, night 3, was 50 minutes. Less help from me, but still a bit of singing and patting.

I'm really happy with the progress though.

Nottalotta Thu 11-Aug-16 19:39:20

40 minutes tonight. I am truly exhausted so spent the entire time laying on the floor with a pillow. Early pregnancy sucks. Just had a hand through the bars. He was nearly gone before 30 minutes but stirred again.

Nottalotta Sun 14-Aug-16 01:42:12

35 minutes, laying down quietly after 20. I however have a bloody irritating cough hence being awake!

FATEdestiny Sun 14-Aug-16 01:45:50

Switch the telly on - Mo Farah is currently running his 10K.

#SuperSaturday - The only reason I'm still awake grin

FATEdestiny Sun 14-Aug-16 01:47:15

BTW - That's really good progress for a week on gradual withdrawal.

Nottalotta Sun 14-Aug-16 08:34:08

Thanks Fate. I'm really pleased. Not much retreat or withdrawal going on but it's a good start! I'm using this post as my personal record of how it's going.

Nottalotta Sun 14-Aug-16 19:45:57

20 minutes! No shhing patting singing or handholding. No crying. Just me flaked out on the floor with the light/music thing on. Maybe I should start the retreat tomorrow?

FATEdestiny Sun 14-Aug-16 22:13:55

Start doing things like making sure you turn away from the cot while flaked on the floor, face the opposite direction. Or if that's a step too far, face upwards instead of face-on to the cot.

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