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Sleepyhead at 18 months??

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bec18 Sat 06-Aug-16 21:34:13

Ds is a terrible sleeper. Always has been and I fear always will be.

He still wakes regularly at night and the only thing that settles him back down without full on screams is to have a bottle which I know isn't ideal but hey it works.

So we never had a sleepyhead when he was a baby and I'm now wondering whether the grande sleepyhead would help? But obviously at 18 months i'm wondering if it's too late? They are not cheap at £180 odd quid so I wouldn't want to waste any money.

Does anyone have any advice ?

fluffikins Thu 11-Aug-16 14:51:46

Have you tried a pillow? At that age id try that first. My 14 month old has a sleepyhead but I'm starting to think that I might use a pillow instead.

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