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19 month old refusing to go to sleep

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Ms2 Sat 06-Aug-16 08:21:40

My 19 month old has always had a consistent routine of dinner bath and then i put him down in his cot still awake and he gets hiself to sleep.
I had a baby a week ago and for the past few nights he has refused to be put down in his cot, as soon as i leave the room he is screaming and crying for me, even if i hold him till he is asleep as soon as i put him down he wakes up. Last night he fell asleep on me downstairs around 8.30 after trying to put him to bed for an hour then woke up at 12.30 screaming again until he came into our bed.
Any advice as my partner goes back to work in 2 weeks and i am worried about what to do once im on my own with both babies.
Plus being very drained of sleep from newborn im exhausted!

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