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In a rut with this ..

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bestofbothhovis Fri 05-Aug-16 19:58:23

So DS is 14 months old. If he naps in our bed during the day he will sleep for ages (has a nap in the morning so the longer he sleeps in the am the less likely he'll have an afternoon nap and the earlier he'll go to bed). If he goes in his cot then he will nap for half an hour at the very most!
Same thing at night. If he comes in bed with us he sleeps the whole night through. If we keep putting him back in his cot he wakes up every few hours.
At first I thought he was just a bad sleeper but considering hell sleep through the night in our bed, and nap for hours in our bed (even when I'm not directly in the bed), I think the problem is just his cot.
We've tried to make it as comfy as possible for him, but I'm wondering wether I can put him in a toddler bed at such an early age? Obviously have bed guards around the edges to stop him falling out.
I guess the only problem with that is he likes to stand up in his cot and if he does that in a big boy bed he'll fall out ??

And before anyone says just carry on co sleeping I physically can't anymore. I get no sleep when he's in bed with me! Plus I don't want to co sleep. I want him in his own room.

LapinR0se Sat 06-Aug-16 09:19:18

It might just be the mattress? I've noticed that lots of cots have v bad quality mattresses, all thin and lumpy.
Otherwise it's probably just a comfort thing. Does he have a comforter in his cot?

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