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13 month growth spurt?!?!?

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clurina32 Fri 05-Aug-16 18:29:38

Hello, its been a little while since I posted on here - I was kind of hoping I would never have to again! We have been through a period of 'sleeping through' and 'early wake ups' which I was coping rather nicely with. However, it wasn't quite time to pop those champagne corks as we seem to have regressed rather badly and I have no effing idea why!!!!!!!!!!

My daughter is now 13.5 months and for the past two weeks she has been going MENTAL when I put her down in her cot. Hysterically crying, screaming, the works. Naps have just gone out the window. She wont nap! I have tried scrapping the morning nap in the hope that she just wanted to drop that one, but she is so knackered and moody by 11.30 that I put her down again and she only sleeps for about 30 mins. She is then exhausted and very agitated for the rest of the day and refuses to nap. Then bedtime is a stressful affair with yet more crying and screaming. This has literally happened overnight and I don't understand it? She was always happy when I put her down and we had turned a corner with the naps since she had become more active and was starting to have longer ones in the afternoon. She has also started waking during the night too and doesn't stop screaming until she has a bottle. I feel like all our hard work has gone out the window in that department sad

She is teething and I put it down to that at first, but I don't think its all about the teeth as she can be happy just before I put her down then suddenly she's screaming the house down.

Is there a growth spurt around this age? I have a 4 year old but I can't for the life of me remember as we had issues with his sleep too and its all such a blur. Has anyone else had this problem? Did it go away?!?!? Just need to know that this will pass and I will have my happy little girl back soon.......

clurina32 Tue 09-Aug-16 13:07:15

bump! would love to hear from anyone else who had this problem around 13 month mark? She still won't nap, shouldn't she be getting 2.5 hours at some point in the day? I don't understand it!!!

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