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Sleep fighters- your experiences please

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twiddlesticks Thu 04-Aug-16 21:57:47

As the title says really- I'm just wondering if anybody has had experiences with sleep fighters. Dd is 8 months and cries hysterically when it comes to sleep time. As soon as she knows that she is going in the cot she throws and absolute paddy, same if she becomes tired in the car or in her pram. Proper, relentless, make herself sick, screams. This can carry on for 10mins of 90 mins.

She has always done this from day one. We've tried everything from putting her down before shes to waiting until she's exhausted. No amount of patting, stroking, retreating chairs etc stop her from screaming. If I pick her up, she stops but does not sleep, she just thinks that she can carry on with her day. It's like she is just so busy that she simply can't waste time sleeping and it pisses her right off when we try to make her.

Wtf do I do? 8 months in and we're still facing a daily battle. I find myself getting so cross and resentful now. Yes it will pass but it's driving me mad. I wouldn't relive the last 8 months if you paid me, surely motherhood shouldn't feel like that?

Anybody else got/had stubborn sleep fighters?

Rozdeek Fri 05-Aug-16 11:35:51

Bumping this as I have the same issue with my 5 month old sad except he used to be good!

MammasBrandNewBag Mon 08-Aug-16 03:05:37

Bump. Sorry nothing helpful to say but I am currently sitting in a bloody cot so can sympathise flowers

twiddlesticks Mon 08-Aug-16 07:32:32

I just wondered really when other people sleep fighters gave up fighting- I need hope!
We're trying CC now as I just cannot see an alternative. She cries so much anyway we might as well try it. I've completely had enough, really want to run away right now. Nice to know I'm not alone though but I do feel for you other poor ladies cake

Supercali3228 Mon 08-Aug-16 08:46:23

Sympathy here too but no answers!! My 7.5 mth old has also been resisting the terrible injustice of bedtime and nap time. Why can't humans be 24/7 is what she thinks I reckon!! So tired don't have mental energy for gentle withdrawal etc come evening, just staring into space like a zombie!! I've been trying a sort of gentle version of cc last 2 nights, it's helping a bit. I'm extra calm and loving when I go in and go in every few mins. Wish I had the energy to more actively soothe her and stay with her but I don't...I've been praying to God for peaceful sleep for her and telling her I love her a lot and God loves her...maybe one of these things is helping a bit!!
All the best xx

Maybebabybee Mon 08-Aug-16 09:14:58

We have done cc after months of fuck all sleep. I felt dreadful about it but frankly he needed sleep desperately and so did I. On the first night he settled himself in under 40 minutes. Then only 2 wakes, down from 6, during which he had a good feed and went straight back to sleep.

He's in a much better mood generally for sleeping more.

InTheDessert Mon 08-Aug-16 09:28:45

Sorry, but my 7 year old is still a sleep fighter.
It became much easier when you could reason with him (2.5 yrs). He will now sit quietly in bed and read (look at books when younger).
It sucks.

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