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4 month change

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Rebecca2015 Mon 01-Aug-16 11:01:59

Hi all,
I am losing my mind, my 4 month old girl was doing so well sleeping in her crib through the night and happy during the day but it's like over night she's completely changed.
She won't let me feed her sat down she refuses to latch properly they cries when I sit with her and wants to be walked around all the time I've tried to get her to take regular naps but she really fights it and screams like she's in pain she has reflux which I treat with rinitadine and has been teething since 2 months as she was born with a tooth but I don't think that's the problem as she's had this for months and wasn't like this.
I am at the point where I feel I can not cope I get overwhelmed and just want to cry all the time and I feel bad for thinking I miss my old baby who seemed to be happy but that's all I want is for her to be happy to sit and play with me.
I read about sleep regression and it seems like what I am going through as she doesn't go down well and is waking for food again where as she was sleeping for around 7-9 hours a night and wonderd if anyone else has experienced this and how long it usually lasted.
Thank you in advance.

Tumtitum Mon 01-Aug-16 19:58:58

My DD had no reflux issues but went from sleeping 6/7 hour stretches at night to waking at least 2 hourly and really resisting naps in the day. This lasted from about 3 months until around 5 months. She is still a crap napper but is no sleeping about 7/8 hours a night again (touch wood!!). It won't last forever but I know how horrid and overwhelming it feels, especially when they were sleeping so well before!! Hope it gets better soon. There are lots of threads on here about the 4 month regression which I found really helpful smile

MYA2016 Mon 01-Aug-16 20:57:18

My ds was the exact same, only he slept 12-13 hour stretches (a distant memory ) then hit 14 weeks and ever since is up 1-2 hourly... if we get a 3 hour stretch we are grateful.
It is shit and I've struggled so much, especially because he was so good for so long. He's now 6.5 months (so I think about 28 weeks) and I spent most of this morning in tears as I was so exhausted. I am learning to cope with it now but often have days where I feel disappointed that the old me is kind of gone as I spend my days utterly exhausted.
I know for a lot of people the regression lasts 4-6 weeks, I hope this is the case for you too.

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