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Screaming at night and neighbours

(8 Posts)
HonniBee Sun 31-Jul-16 17:57:13

I'm an exhausted and l overwhelmed first time mum. My baby fights sleep. All of the time. If I don't wear him in a sling he will be hysterical until midnight. We have battled through and are finally finding things that seem to work (for now...)

My concern is the neighbours. We're in a terrace so it must be clearly audible. Would it be odd to drop over a bottle or box of chocs to let them know we're aware it's shit?

Nottalotta Sun 31-Jul-16 18:46:23

I don't think it would be odd at all, it's hard when you are a considerate person why wouldn't dream of disturbing neighbours, then have a screamy baby. I hope things do improve for you.

apatheticfallacy Sun 31-Jul-16 18:49:22

My neighbours have all been really understanding when I've apologised. I think it's polite to do so if you feel like it. I think anyone who's had a baby themselves (and most decent people!) will understand that you're not choosing to make your baby cry - it's just what they do and hearing one is just one of the risks of living in a terrace.

I hope you get some sleep soon!

29redshoes Tue 02-Aug-16 10:49:40

I think that's a lovely thing to do. Don't worry too much though - I live in a flat and I'm sure the neighbours have heard screaming through the walls but whenever I mention it they pretend they haven't heard a peep! It's very sweet of them. I think people understand.

DaftPunkIsPlayingAtMyHouse Tue 02-Aug-16 14:03:31

flowerschocolatebrew and winefor you, OP.

I've been there and it's so shit. DS2 cost me a couple of bottles of wine to the neighbours. They were very understanding.

thundernlightning Thu 04-Aug-16 01:56:18

We're in a flat with thin walls, and DS is noisy too. We gave our neighbours little packages of foam earplugs (and we regularly top them up with more!)

PeachBellini123 Fri 05-Aug-16 07:49:33

I think that wouls be a lovely thing to do and building relationships with neighbours will always stand you in could stead.

LapinR0se Fri 05-Aug-16 07:57:09

How old is your baby honni? Can you tell us a bit more about the screaming, does it seem like she is in pain or overtired?

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