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Two year old having major panic attacks at nap time

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GlummyMummy Fri 29-Jul-16 12:47:43

My daughter is two years and two months old and has always settled fairly well at nap times in her cot with quite a definite nap time routine. However, for the past week she has suddenly started going mental when I leave the room at nap time, not so much a tantrum but more like an anxious panic with her screaming till she is hoarse, and clinging on to me for dear life when I go in to try and settle her again. She is still going down fine at night time though. Is this a developmental stage that anyone else is familiar with (ie she is dropping her nap)?

The last few days I have just given up and got her up again, but you can see she is knackered. Was out in the car yesterday at 4pm on way to somewhere and she was asleep by the time the car had left our road!

Her Dad is off on holiday at the moment so it could just be the extra attention that she is getting.

I would be happy for her to miss her nap if I thought she wasn't tired but she clearly is, and her behaviour in the afternoons is bad if she is overtired.

Also worry about leaving her to cry in her room when she is clearly so anxious.


drowninginpinkplastic Sat 06-Aug-16 20:39:40

Hi didn't want to read and run. We are experiencing the same thing. My 2 yo will only go to sleep if I'm in the room. She goes ballistic if I leave. She has always been a poor sleeper but it horrendous now. Exactly like a panic attack. I'm hoping it's separation anxiety and it will pass. But it's bloody hard. I've just ordered a load of toddler parenting books in the hope they will help. Will your lo nap anywhere else, on sofa ect so at least she is getting some sleep and your not trapped in her room. (Like I currently am)😕😴😢

polkadotdelight Sat 06-Aug-16 20:42:27

I am getting this at bedtime. It's fine if I'm not around and DH does it but he goes beserk if I try to leave the room at bedtime. We had been doing so well. It co-incides with general clinginess and 'mummy, mummy' all day long, I won't start on the temper!

GlummyMummy Sun 07-Aug-16 20:45:05

Glad to hear I'm not alone, must be an age thing. She happily goes in her cot at night though which is strange. Still flatly refusing cot nap despite being knackered. I've tried cuddling her to sleep in her room but she doesn't want that either, just keeps howling that she wants downstairs to play! Worried she may never nap again :-(

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