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When do babies get 'bad habits'

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ladymelo Fri 29-Jul-16 04:21:51

My baby is 4.5 weeks old and will happily nap in the day time without being held or touched etc, at night he will not settle at all without being held or touched or next to me in bed. (He has a next to me cot bed but still not close enough lol) when is it the say they pick up bad habits? At the moment it's the only way he sleeps at night and I'm quite happy to do it but didn't want to get used to it. Would he get used to it at this age?

timelytess Fri 29-Jul-16 05:09:33

A baby can't have 'bad habits'! A baby just is. Follow the baby. That's the way to go.

Thomasisintraining Fri 29-Jul-16 05:14:35

Yep I totally agree with timely follow the baby's and if you need to make adjustments along the way so be it.

Thomasisintraining Fri 29-Jul-16 05:14:58

baby's lead even

Coconut0il Fri 29-Jul-16 17:51:04

Another vote for following what your baby needs. If you're happy and he's happy, there's no problem. 4.5 weeks is so tiny and he just wants to be close to you. I've co slept with DS1 and currently co sleeping with DS2. Everyone is happy and getting the most sleep possible.

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