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Transitioning from 2 naps to 1...

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ViolaMummy Thu 28-Jul-16 15:37:11

I am wondering if anyone who has been through this can possibly give me some advice please?

My DS is 16 months and showing signs of needing to go to 1 nap during the day. He used to do 1 and a bit hours in the morning, and then 1.5 in the afternoon but I had to cut the morning nap down to 1 hour eventually to make sure he'd still go down OK for his afternoon nap. So, now we do:

Get up/wake up: 6:00am (he normally wakes any time between 5am-6am)
Nap 1: 9:30-10:30
Nap 2: Up to 1 hour 20 minutes any time from about 2:20pm. It is often just an hour as I need to wake him up to keep bedtime at a reasonable time!
Bedtime: around 7pm. He is normally asleep by about 7:15pm

He likes his morning sleep, but he's waking earlier and earlier and I've read that they do this because they can then catch up on lost sleep later on! What I plan to do is to push out the morning sleep, so it becomes later, and cap the afternoon sleep so bedtime doesn't get too late. It sounds simple, but I'm getting myself all confused about it!!!

Firstly, are two 1-hour naps OK? It's only 2 hours of sleep in the day and sometimes he'll only do 10.5 at night which I worry isn't enough but I've always struggled to get him a decent amount of sleep in 24 hours. On a good day, he'll get 13 hours smile

If I pushed the 1st nap later by just 15 minutes, should I let him sleep for longer or still give him 1 hour? I plan to push it out gradually so he doesn't get too tired all at once.

If the 1st nap was later, say 9:45, would I then need to move the 2nd nap later too, or do you think he'd be OK going down at the same time as before?

I also worry that his days are too long - if he's been chatting away in his cot from 5:15am and he goes to sleep at 7pm this is nearly a 14 hour day! But I've also read that pushing out the 1st nap makes them sleep later in the mornings - does anyone have any positive experiences of this? The latest I can EVER remember DS sleeping (since he was newborn) is 6:15am!

Any other advice would be very appreciated! Thank you.

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