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3 month old waking at 3am and not going back to sleep

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LostAtTheFair Thu 28-Jul-16 11:09:41

I would be grateful for any insights you might have...My 3 month old son goes to bed at 7.30pm (in his pram in our sitting room). We then give him a dream feed at 10.30pm and then take him upstairs to his cot in our room. He settles fine but then wakes at around 3am and won't settle again all night. He shuffles around his cot and grizzles and if we were to leave him he would cry. So we usually try inserting/reinserting his dummy and then after a few tries of that, we take him into our bed where we need to hold his hand, stroke his face and reinsert his dummy every 5-10 minutes for the rest of the night until 7am when we all get up. Exhausting but at least we can lie down I suppose!

He is a big baby but doesn't seem hungry as he doesn't guzzle his morning bottle. We limit his naps during the day to 3 naps in the morning, lunch and afternoon - his total nap time doesn't go over 4 hours. We put him down at nap time and bedtime awake so he knows how to get himself off to sleep. He has reflux and is taking ranitidine for it. We're really struggling to know what the problem is with resettling at night. Any ideas?

FATEdestiny Thu 28-Jul-16 12:59:10

I would give baby a feed as soon as he wakes in the night, so that hopefully he stays at the drowsy stage rather than fully waking up. Then give dummy and generally do soothing, calming things to help him sleep - reassuring hand on his chest, shushing etc.

Limiting naps is likely to create more problems and will solve nothing. Its a hindrance. Newborn babies might sleep 20 hours in 24 and at 3 months old it's not unreasonable that the baby will sleep 16-18 hours in 24. More sleep leads to better sleep. Less sleep leads to over tirednedness which makes it harder for baby to get to sleep and stay asleep.

At 3 months old baby may not want much more than 40-80 minutes awake time between one daytime nap and the next. Your night time awake time may well be due to over tiredness.

LostAtTheFair Thu 28-Jul-16 23:43:05

Thanks fate, very much appreciated

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