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Night feeds

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Christine88 Wed 27-Jul-16 02:15:09

Laying here feeding ds2 and my dh is snoring away in this exact moment I absolutely hate him! No real point to this except ds2 takes forever to drink and I need to keep my hands busy so I don't punch dh in the face! I'm so tired!!

QforCucumber Wed 27-Jul-16 02:19:17

Ds has just decoded right now isn't 'feed back to sleep' time it's 'kick and wriggle and giggle' time.
I've moved into his room to prevent waking dp, ds now dozing in his cot after 45 mins awake. Now the decision - do I leave him in his own room and go to bed (never done before) or fall asleep on the rocking chair in here and wake up with a broken back?!

BummyMummy77 Wed 27-Jul-16 02:25:48

Ds is now almost 3 and when he wakes at 2.30am for his night feed I want to stab dh in the heart.

FirstTimeMummy25 Wed 27-Jul-16 02:37:08

Ditto, my eyes are currently stinging! When does this sleeping through malarkey get going?? hmm

Christine88 Wed 27-Jul-16 02:37:41

Go back to bed!! Ds2 is still in our room and the best part about night feeds is getting back into bed!!

ChipsCheeseandIrnBru Wed 27-Jul-16 03:28:55

Yeah pretty much the same here. 2nd feed of night. Currently feeling like Dobby the milk elf wink

He does a lot of rolling and yawning. Last night I asked if he wanted a trampoline as he flopped over in bed like a sea lion and sent me jiggling all around as I was dealing with fast let down and a starving, fussing baby.

Poor men. He'd do feeds if he had boobs but I just can't express so it's my job at night. He's good though, takes baby any time from 4.30/5am if he's awake and writhing. Toddler wakes about 6am.

Yes I'm so tired. In for the long haul, baby's only have 11 weeks.......

BummyMummy77 Wed 27-Jul-16 03:41:48

Lols lols lols at Dobby the milk elf!!!!

Ds gives me shit now. "mama I need the other side. This side's all dried up." angry

QforCucumber Wed 27-Jul-16 04:33:47

A sharp kick in the shins to all the noisy dhs out there!

milpool Wed 27-Jul-16 04:34:53

Tell me about it. I'm trying to night wean 14mo DD. DH is no help angry

Eminado Wed 27-Jul-16 04:48:53

I actually remember one particular night feed where I had an almost uncontrollable urge to batter my husband's head with the bedside lamp. I moved to a different room after that. He had no idea how much danger he was in that night, just lying there flaunting his deep uninterrupted sleep in front of me.

ChipsCheeseandIrnBru Wed 27-Jul-16 05:02:16

And baby's awake agaaaaaain and dh isn't in bed....where on earth is he? Night wandering.

Christine88 Wed 27-Jul-16 05:16:09

With every snore in and out I get angrier and angrier! We're awake again, no doubt by the time I'm finished with bang ds1 will be ready to start the day so this is it now!

I swear to god if dh says he's tired once today I won't be hells responsible for my actions!!

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