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14 week old back to cluster feeding in evenings

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Huishnish Mon 25-Jul-16 19:48:53

Just wondered if anyone else had experienced this? My DS2 had about 10 days when he went down brilliantly at 7 after bedtime routine (bath, boob, ewen the sheep). But for the last week he falls sound asleep on the boob, wakes up when I put him downy then cluster feeds until 8:30 ish. He feeds to sleep most of the time but has been known to settle himself off to sleep. Anyone had any experience of this? I'm just trying to persevere with feeding him in our room rather than taking him downstairs again but it's a bit tiresome, esp when we have visitors. And an staring to get sick or ewen the sheep!

FATEdestiny Tue 26-Jul-16 13:45:20

I think your expectations are a bit off.

Cluster feeding, generally unsettled evenings and SIDS recommendations that babies should sleep in the same room you are (including daytime/evening napping) all go together to say baby usually spend the evening downstairs feedings/napping on and off until Mum goes to bed.

Not sure why you would want to spend your evening in a darkened, silent room when you could spend it sat on the sofa breastfeeding while watching telly?

Baby will be more ready for a proper 'bedtime' in a few months time.

Huishnish Tue 26-Jul-16 18:17:42

Fate, I don't think my expectations are 'off', he's my second baby so I'm not a complete idiot when it comes to babies. I have DS1 22 months to look after during the day too and my husband works away most of the time so by the time it comes to 7:30 I'd quite like to bath and put DS1 to bed/eat some tea/do the washing/clean and tidy up a bit/cook some food for DS1. I dont have the luxury to put my feet up unfortunately. He had been sleeping downstairs with me in the evening until v recently when I felt he was being disturbed by me pottering around. Anyway I was only asking if anyone had any experience of baby returning to evening cluster feeding having stopped for a bit. I don't find it terribly easy to do bath and bed for DS1 when DS2 is crying and wanting to be on the boob. Thanks for your advice and support though

FATEdestiny Tue 26-Jul-16 19:22:42

I wasn't for one moment suggesting you were an idiot confused I speak as a mum of four, the eldest of which have a 14 month age gap. I know of the stresses of multiple children and wishing I had more time to myself.

I find the easiest way to manage the evenings is to not expect to do it all at the same time with all the children. Especially so if doing bedtime alone.

IME evening cluster feeding settles somewhere around 4-6 months old and bedtimes become considerably easier then. Until then, do whatever you think best/easiest really.

I am sorry if you didn't consider my post helpful.

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