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6 months old wakes up MANY times and falls asleep again

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Winehound84 Mon 25-Jul-16 05:56:28

Last night my 6 months old daughter woke up possibly 10 times between 8:30 pm and 8 am. I ignored her when she woke up and every single time she falls asleep again within a few minutes. Half of those times were just a scream or so and she is asleep again. In the previous 10 days I have been weaning her off the sleepyhead and then off the "wings" of the Love to Dream swaddle and the last 3 nights she finally slept in a sleeping bag with arms free. (Sleepyhead was removed 2 weeks ago). Up until 4 months she woke up once at between 4 and 5:30 for a feed. I fed her and she was sleeping until 7:30 with sometimes another wake up and me giving her a dummy. But she slept until 4 -5 WITHOUT A SOUND. Except for the dreamfeed I stopped feeding her at night around 4 months and for almost a month things were good, she often slept until 7, 7:30 after the dreamfeed. Afterwards we came back from holidays, decided to move her into the big cot, remove her sleepyhead, and take her out of the love to dream swaddle and the wheels came off. She started waking up almost every hour. We went back to the sleepyhead and swaddle.. started the process gradually, things got a bit better but ever since she often wakes up in the first half of the night (an hour, 2 hours, 3 hours after bedtime) which was never the case before and often early in the morning too. 3 nights ago I decided to sleep train her and see how it goes. After the dreamfeed i close the door and don't walk in until the morning. The past two nights she woke up around 3 or 4 cried a bit (nothing dramatic) and fell asleep again until 7, made some noises and slept till 8 (I put her to bed at 8:30) but last night it was almost every hour.. wakes up cries and falls asleep again. I sleep in another room with earplugs in and I always wake up.. and often can't fall asleep afterwards, hence even though I don't get out of bed at night - Im super tired!! Why does she wake up?? Why does she scream??? It has been pretty hot, and its about 25 degrees in her room but she is in a nappy and love to dream swaddle without sleeves (effectively a light sleeping bag). She can roll very well and sleeps on her tummy a lot. She self settles as well. I put her into her cot awake. She talks and falls asleep, I don't use a dummy, although I often use the white noise. She however falls asleep without it during the night so I don't understand what an issue is?? Any ideas?? Also I want to be there for her if something really bothers her but if she cries wolf every hour I just end up ignoring her!!

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