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Help desperately needed- hellish toddler

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Muddlingalongalone Fri 22-Jul-16 21:08:33

Dd2 is 20 months & won't go to sleep at night.
It is now 2hrs after I first put her to bed (although I did give up for about 20 mins at 8:15 because DD1 needs a story & bed & it's not fair that she misses out)
Essentially she's overtired - if she's in bed by 6:20-30 she's a dream, but we don't get home til 5:30-45 on weekdays so that just doesn't work
I've got 2 weeks for baby bootcamp to sort this as DD1 is off to their dad's for summer hols.
Tips, advice, strategies please.
She's hearing impaired so I can't just talk to her & avoid eye contact, won't leave her to scream but I do leave the room for 1min/2 min if she's messing around & not lying down.
Help I'm desperate - at least 1 x fortnight I end up sitting next to her bed sobbing.
She's so naturally happy sweet & good natured that I hate this so much.
Oh and if you have any tips for keeping her asleep & in her own bed at night that would be great too

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