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12mo wide awake at 4am...yawn

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reallywittyname Fri 22-Jul-16 20:53:04

DD2 used to be brilliant at going back to sleep if she woke for a feed. But over the last month or so she's been waking up most nights at about 4/4.30am and when she does she is wide awake and it takes up to an hour and a half to get her back to sleep again, during which she'll empty both sides. She'll then sleep until 6.30/7am, but I'm lucky if I can get another half an hour as I'm too awake to go back to sleep after a long stint. If she wakes earlier she will go straight back to sleep after a feed. I'm still breastfeeding her and she still feeds to sleep blush. I was happy to do this because I naively thought she'd be just like her big sister and naturally stop doing it when she got to about 10 months.
She goes down at 7pm and sometimes will wake between 11-12pm, or 2am, sometimes very rarely she will sleep through. There seems to be no discernible pattern to her wakings. She has just gone from a shorter morning nap (30mins) and a longer afternoon nap (1 hourish) to a longer lunchtime nap (up to 2.5hours but I now think this is too long).
She shares a room with her big sister (3.5y) who sleeps all night and they have a blackout blind. If I don't feed DD2 when she wakes she will cry until I do, so I do because I don't want DD1 to wake up. She is not very good at eating solids either, and still feeds from me 4-6 times during the day. So I think she is still relying on me for most of her calories.

So - is she too young to do the "wake to sleep" method?
Should I get DH to go into her instead with water? We haven't done this yet as he works full time and it's a tough long day when you start at 4am, plus she settles much better for me than she does for him so I don't think her would get any chance of any more sleep. Also if she's hungry, would she realise she needs to eat more during the day if she just gets water at night?
Should I just accept that it's a phase and ride it out? And when I say ride I actually mean trudge blearily grin

DangerQuakeRhinoSnake Fri 22-Jul-16 20:58:30

Definitely get dh to offer water! For any night feed not just the 4am one. Hopefully then she'll stop waking up for it.

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