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Rolling over!

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gembush Thu 21-Jul-16 11:15:30

My baby is almost 6 months and has been rolling onto her tummy for a while, however in the last week she tries to roll out of her sleepyhead or will roll in her cot onto her tummy and get stuck! This would be ok if she would settle like that but she cries until I roll her back (and then she will immediately roll back into her tummy!) this happens at all naps in her cot and it woke her up (and obviously us) last night loads! Eventually she gets so tired she passes out on her back but how do I help her learn to roll back or be comfortable on her front?!

Thank you! confused

farkoff Thu 21-Jul-16 14:18:25

Watching with interest as we're in exactly the same position envy

gembush Fri 22-Jul-16 11:39:27

We're on our own! A really thin (in this heat) grow bag helped last night for some reason!

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