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Need help with one year old.

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nousernames Thu 21-Jul-16 01:20:29

Ds has always been a brilliant sleeper. This is down to good luck though not through anything we've done. He only ever used to wake up for one feed in the night and then had dropped that and was sleeping through by around 8 weeks. As a result we've never had to think about different strategies or where we stand on controlled crying we probably just basked in the smug glow that comes from being well rested.

Anyway fast forward to now and as soon as ds was able to pull himself up in his cot he has morphed into a shite sleeper. As soon as he wakes, he pulls himself into a standing position and cries and cries until somebody goes to get him. Once he's in our bed or getting a cuddle, he'll go back off to sleep. I haven't slept for more than three hours a night this month and I'm exhausted. I want to get back to being the woman who thought babies weren't that tiring & who could function during the day without whinging about being tired. Can anybody help??

Just for extra info, he goes off to sleep at bedtime with no problems. We have a set routine then I put him down awake and he just goes off to sleep. It's later when he wakes up in the night that the problem is arising. It's the same with daytime naps he has about 40mins at ten o clock & 40 mins at 3ish and each time he's put down awake and just drifts off in his cot.

nousernames Thu 21-Jul-16 17:17:31

Just bumping this in case anyone can help before tonight!

WaccaWacca Thu 21-Jul-16 17:57:50

In my experience (of 2 rubbish sleepers) these periods go in waves. He will stop waking again at some point, but I know that's no use to you right now. Probably he is being disturbed by teeth, development spurt or the heat. Both of mine had weeks when they woke a lot, then it would suddenly stop and they'd go back to their normal pattern (which was no way as good as your Ds's!) Sometimes there was an obvious reason, like recovering from an illness, sometimes not.

Other people are better placed to advise on sleep training methods, as I never went down that road. I just tried to find ways to cope and rode it out. So early to bed for you, much earlier than usual. Naps in the day if possible. Co-sleep if that gets you all more rest (he won't be in your bed forever, I promise). Easy lazy days.

The fact that he can settle himself to sleep is a very good sign. I'm sure he'll settle down soon.

<<side eyes 2yo DD>>

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