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1yr old cries to sleep EVERY day

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hydrangea78 Wed 20-Jul-16 20:45:09

My lovely daughter has just turned one. When it comes to bed and nap time we just cannot get her to sleep without hysterical crying. It's been like this for a good few months and we are really struggling.
She used to fall asleep on the breast and could then be transferred to the cot, but those days have long passed.
She still breastfeeds at bedtime, but wakes up the moment the nipple is no longer in her mouth. Once in the cot and the crying has started, there is nothing that will help until she's cried herself to sleep. She's been at it 30 mins now and still no sign of settling.
She has a comforter, a musical turtle etc. Picking up and bouncing, singing etc does nothing. Won't take a dummy or bottle. Makes no difference if it's me or my husband. Occasionally I give in and offer her the breast again, which obviously makes her very calm, but the moment she's put back in the cot again the screaming starts and we're back to square one.
I feel very negative about this situation. Like I am doing something wrong. We also cannot go away on holiday or stay with relatives as I don't think it's really an acceptable situation.
Anyone have any advice for me? Is this just a phase? I only bf in the morning before work and at bedtime, and now she's one I'd like to wean completely, but given that it's her only source of comfort at the moment I feel reluctant to tackle that as well.
She's asleep now. 40 minutes of crying. Sigh.

twiddlesticks Wed 20-Jul-16 21:00:45

Watching this thread. Sorry no advice, hopefully somebody will come along soon. Out of interest, does she start crying as soon as she realises it's cot time, or when u lay her down? Also, is she trying to sleep lying down but crying or is she pacing and trying to escape?
It is soooo hard listening to them get so worked upcakebrew

hydrangea78 Wed 20-Jul-16 21:16:54

Hi twiddle. The crying starts the moment we even move towards the cot. Once in it she is very active, arching the back, pulling herself up on the sides, banging head against the bars. Eventually falls asleep on her front.
Forgot to mention have tried cosleeping too. No luck either, same issue, keep going round in circles. Just wants to be on the breast. The moment she detaches, the fun and games start again. No sleep for either of us!

Fullofnachos Wed 20-Jul-16 21:20:34

She sounds exactly the same as my 7 month old, no advice but following!

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