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3 hour nap yet cannot stay asleep at night... ggggrrrr, wtf?

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twiddlesticks Tue 19-Jul-16 10:59:42

8 month old dd. wakes all the time over night, at least 2 hourly, often every 30 mins for the first 3 hours. she wants boob before she will go back to sleep, i tend to give in to this 2 hourly otherwise we are treated to 50 mins of screaming. she has always woken at least 2 hourly but she is finally in her own cot, at least until about 2am ish when i give in and bring her in with us.

so how come the little bloody madam has just managed a 3 hour nap in her cot!! dont get me wrong, this is amazing (although a complete one off) but why can she not do that at night?

i dont no how to extend night time sleep. almost wonder if i just need to go cold turkey although she'll go mental! any suggestions....?

Mycraneisfixed Tue 19-Jul-16 12:04:28

Youngest DD did this till 8 months too. She's 40 now but I remember it wellconfused
Our doctor suggested giving her a bottle when she woke in the early hours as she was obviously using the breast as a comforter, like a dummy. Last bf at 7 then bed. No more bf till 6am. It worked within a week.

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