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Controlled crying, night waking and night weaning

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graysor Mon 18-Jul-16 14:52:15

I'm pondering whether controlled crying is the way to go to help get my 7 mo dd sleeping better ( ie not waking every hour till getting up at 4 am ).

She is still breast fed and feeds a few times during the night at around midnight and 3 ish. But also wakes every hour, but isn't hungry. All wakings up to about midnight my dh can easily resettle her either with a hand on her tummy or a quick pick up and cuddle. But when she wakes around midnight he can't settle her at all And she will have a full feed ( rather than just a comfort suck to resettle). After this we tend to get a few wakes when she is easily settled before needing another feed.

So I guess my question is, in order to successfully do controlled crying do I need to night wean first ? It would be cruel to leave her to cry when she is hungry. So how can I do this?

Tips and success stories for those who have done something similar would be very welcome!

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