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Two year old sleeping so badly .... waking all the time

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Martha2000 Mon 18-Jul-16 12:08:45

My 2 year old has never really been a brilliant sleeper, though she's had plenty of periods of sleeping more or less through. However things have got pretty bad recently. She's recently gone into a bed - mostly because she was trying to climb out of her cot, and also she kept saying she was scared of it and would point blank refuse to go in it. She's fine with the bed to start with at bedtime, but she just isn't sleeping well in it. She wakes often, needs a lot of consolation to go back to sleep, lots of cuddles, we often have to sit by her for an hour or more, perhaps twice in the night. Often, because we're just so tired, we end up bringing her in with us. And of course now she has started shouting 'Mummy bed', when I go in, so that's not exactly helping ...

Any advice on what to do? I feel like this is all such a mess, I don't know where to start sad

Coconut0il Mon 18-Jul-16 18:41:25

Please don't worry OP, do you mind bed sharing? If you don't and it leads to more sleep I would just let her sleep in with you. I know that's not for everyone though.

We got a double for DS1 and I used to lie next to him for a bit till he fell asleep. He slept much better in that than he did in his cot bed. I could sleep in ours or his bed comfortably.

It won't be forever. Everything is a phase.

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