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4 year old acting strange/restless unusual for him

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LONC2012 Sat 16-Jul-16 22:26:58

Hi all,

My 4 year old DS wanted to sleep in my bed tonight (daddy went away on Monday and he usually tries to sneak in) however this time round I said he can stay one night a week.

Anyway it got to 8:30 (late for him) I said come on settle down now. He eventually drifted off about 9 and then started tossing and turning, his hands flapping and in the end I said to him to stop doing it or he would have to get back in his own bed.
He then continued and I asked him again to stop, he then got out the bed and laid on the floor with a pillow. Eventually he got back into my bed, I had turned lights off at this point and settled down myself and he continued.

I then got up to our babies dummy back in and as I was in his room my DS stormed off huffing to his room and shut the door. After about 5 minutes I went to check him, he was sat upright in his bed so I said come on settle down now, I'll put your lamp and set your clock on and you get some sleep.
He settled down for all of 2/3 minutes? Then I heard him tossing and turning and huffing away to himself and then I went in and he had got on his SS bed which is a toddler bed underneath his high sleeper not really a suitable place to sleep so I spoke to him and gave him a hug and back to bed.

I can hear him again now starting to huff to himself. I am quite concerned as it's very unusual behaviour for him, he is usually a very good sleeper. There's no temp or anything. Any advice on how I get him to sleep?

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