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Bedtime Routine Change

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MrsJ12 Thu 14-Jul-16 22:29:56


So I'm after some tips/advice. My little boy has just turned 1 and I've also got into some bad habits with him. He's still breastfed so typically falls to sleep while feeding in my arms and if not will have his dummy and then fall to sleep while having a cuddle.

With returning to work it's going to be tough to get home for the evening feed some days so I want to move his night time feed to a beaker of milk (he drinks milk from his beaker fine). So think this is an ideal opportunity to change his nighttime routine and I would like to get rid of the dummy. Do I do the switch to milk, trying to get him to sleep by just putting him down in his cot (ie not cuddling to sleep) and ditching the dummy all at once? Kind of think it gets the pain out of the way all at once. But is it too much. Best ways to sooth him as know he'll get upset

Any advice much appreciated. Thanks

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