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Sleeping routine

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Jghl1234 Wed 13-Jul-16 20:47:54

Hi my daughter when she was born her sleeping was everywhere we were new parents and Diddnt really no what too do she would end up going to sleep at like eleven! Eventually we got her in a great routine every night at eight o'clock o would lie with her in my bed give her a bottle and she would turn over hug me and fall asleep a few weeks ago this all just flipped up. She won't go to sleep atall until about twelve at night. We have tried everything controlled crying, nighttime baths, limiting her naps in the day giving her longer naps on the day literally everything. Me and her dad have to be up at 7 in the morning so we sometimes have to drive round with her in her car seat. It has gotten awful, she has a good daytime routine is very happy cheeky and mischievous. She has not long started walking and is up to date on her milestones etc..trying new foods has a bunch of new toys from her 1st birthday to tucker her out during the day.

Only today have a I managed to get her asleep for eight o'clock. Because I bought a star and moon light spinning thing turned the lights off and played some music.

But still she is moving around, wakes up then falls back asleep I don't no what the problem is because she can fall asleep in her own she does it for her naps but no when it's bedtime. Any help?xxxx

FifiFerusha Wed 13-Jul-16 22:03:50

How many hours sleep is she getting in the day?

I think it sounds like you are on to a winner with the star and lights thing you got. Tell me more. My DS takes ages to self settle at BT, never cries mind. He also stirs, makes sounds and moves around quite a lot for the first few hours of the night so here is hoping your DD is just a fidgity sleeper.

As for the not sleeping until 12. Have you ruled out some kind of discomfort that comes on at night/ evening. Teething is the obvious one but I am sure you have considered that. Is she in distress when she is awake until midnight, or just wired? What time does she wake up after falling asleep so late? It must have affected her daytime/ naps routine etc. .leading to a topsy turvy sleep cycle. Sorry about all the questions, wanted to help and just trying to think of what it could be for you x x

Jghl1234 Wed 13-Jul-16 22:34:16

It's called dream rotating projection lamp got it for £6.00 on sale it seems to of done the trick she is still sleeping. She had only one hour nap today after nursery about 14:00 an she puts her self asleep for her nap. She has powder before bed make sure she is clean and nappy is changed a onsie and she has no food and hour before. We don't feed her sweets chocolate or juice so she shouldn't be hyper off's so frustrating sad

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