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Four and a half year old suddenly needing less sleep - bugger.

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SnoozingCyborg Wed 13-Jul-16 11:40:17

Pretty sure this is just normal, but I like to check in with Mumsnet to see how other people have experienced it. DS is coming on to 4.5yo, and has just had some kind of massive growth spurt with big morning lie-ins and eating loads. Didn't actually get taller, I think it was probably just his brain growing/developmental stuff. Now suddenly he's taking ages to get to sleep (gets in bed around 8:10 for usual bedtime, takes until 9 to settle down and sleep when it's usually more like 15 minutes). Usually this would mean he'd wake up late, around 8, but he's been up at 7 bright and perky. So I guess this is just the natural reduction of the amount of sleep he needs.


Should we extend his bedtime? Or keep with the early bedtime and expect to wake up at 6am.


SweepTheHalls Wed 13-Jul-16 11:42:29

Entirely normal IMO! I can't believe you had lay ins like that!

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