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advise needed! who should share a room????

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songbird123 Mon 11-Jul-16 10:21:25


I am rather new to all this, but I spent lots of time reading though posts and there is always great advise given.

I am currently pregnant with number 3! I have a 9 year old son and 7 year old daughter, number 3 was planned for but I think was a bit of a shock to me and my husband! - poor man thought it was all done with!

So our dilemma is, who should share a room? we have a 3 bedroom house. my husband is in the military so we move every 2 years or so and will always be in a 3 bed.

Do I put the older two in together? or pop the baby in with my daughter? my older two get on like most siblings. they will be great enemies and the next second best friends! my daughter snores... apparently and they have shared before but my son moaned about it! poor girl!

baby will off course be in our room for first 6 months or so.

I realise the baby will be a huge upheaval in their little lives so I don't want them to feel pushed out their rooms. if they did share we were going to put them both in the larger bedroom, get all new things and decorate in a unisex way... ideas will be needed for that to! how do I cross star wars and dinosaurs with pink fluffy everything and dogs and puppies??

every pregnancy there is always a different dilemma or problem to be solved! and with each one there is less interaction and help/support/ input form family and friends. most think I am crazy and or that I am a pro at all this now so don't need any advise! the truth is I am scared stupid and now worried about how we are all going to fit in our little house?!?! not to mention the extra fat and stretch marks I will require over the next few months...sigh...!

so please ladies, I would be grateful for practical, advise and some artistic ideas on how to redecorate a bedroom that we cannot paint (military housing) .

thank you all for reading!


NapQueen Mon 11-Jul-16 10:24:14

I'd keep the little one in with you till around 2yo and then put them in with the sibling who is the same sex.

Alternatively do military houses have dining rooms? If so could you and dh take the dining room and the kids have a bedroom each?

songbird123 Mon 11-Jul-16 10:49:17

nap queen thank you for your reply! we cant really go downstairs, but I think you are right about the baby staying with us. I know it sounds awful but I am dreading the sleepless nights and I remember my older sleeping better once they had gone into their own room! but I think its much better if the children get their own space and rest. I might just sleep in the bunk beds in my sons room! hide from them all! do you think it would be a problem with a brother and sister sharing? I thought it might be harder for a older sibling to share with a toddler?

MargotLovedTom Mon 11-Jul-16 10:53:04

Obviously the brother and sister can't share as they get older. Once the baby is out of your room I'd probably give the two same sex siblings the largest room, with some sort of divider - a screen or similar - to give the eldest a bit of privacy.

Junosmum Mon 11-Jul-16 16:00:47

A child aged 10 and over shouldn't be sharing with a sibling of the opposite sex, though obviously it happens. The baby should go in with the sibling of the same sex- though I'd wait until baby is sleeping well, however long that takes.

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