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Advice on night feeds

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helsuki Sun 10-Jul-16 04:08:37

I was wondering if anyone has experienced this problem and could give me some advice.

My little one is nearly 11 weeks.
For the last 2 weeks or so, he wakes for his night feed- between 3-4am and I can't get him back to sleep in his crib. After having his night feed, he is always uncomfortable and won't go back to sleep on his back. He appears to have a lot of congestion in his nose and on his chest to the extent that he's wheezing badly. He also wriggles a lot and is restless, bringing his knees up to his chest.

I've tried everything to come up with a solution for this. I've tried infacol, infant gaviscon, as well as elevating his head and chest using a wedge in the crib, but nothing seems to work.

The only way I can get him back to sleep
following the night feed is by putting him in his pushchair in the middle elevated position. This has meant me sleeping on the sofa every night after 3am but more importantly, it means he sleeps in a push chair in an elevated position for 5-6 hours- which goes against all guidelines. This subsequently makes me feel really guilty.

This only ever happens at night.

I was wondering whether anyone else has experienced this who might be able to advise. Is there something really wrong? Anyone have any solutions? Many thanks in advance xx

Itsaplayonwords Sun 10-Jul-16 04:20:59

It sounds like it could be reflux if the elevated position is helping. Obviously sleeping in the pushchair isn't ideal but to make it slightly better could you wait til he's asleep and then recline the seat further so he's flat or as close to flat as he can be.

It could be worth a visit to the GP as if it is reflux they could prescribe ranitidine and/or domperidone which might help.

oldjacksscrote Sun 10-Jul-16 04:28:14

I agree with pp about the possibility of reflux, visit to the gp and make sure they take you seriously.

helsuki Mon 11-Jul-16 00:42:17

Thanks very much for your responses- much appreciated smile

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