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Help - 15 month old's bedtime routine suddenly taking AGES!

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ZigAZigAhh Thu 07-Jul-16 21:03:50

DS 15 months has never been a great sleeper.

One thing DH and I thought we had perfected, however, was his bedtime routine. For the past 9-10 months, we have given him a bath, I have breastfed him until drowsy both of us and then DH settles him into his cot. This has always worked like a charm and DS has nearly always gone down very easily (he almost always ends up in bed with us at some point during the night but that's another story).

Up until last week the breastfeeding part would take about 10 minutes and then DH would only need about 10 minutes to settle DS into the cot.

Since last week, however, it has all gone pearshaped. DS will feed for about 40 minutes (I'm sure he's not hungry or thirsty as he always has a massive dinner and lots of water), will start to look as though he's getting sleepy but then seems to wake back up when DH comes in. It then takes DH a good 45-60 minutes to settle DS. DS just wants to walk round the cot and talk and faff about. If DH tries to leave the room DS screams and cries and turns on the tears and wakes himself up even more. We have tried reading to him, ignoring him, shushing him, patting him, cuddling him, but nothing works.

Any tips? It would be so nice to be able to go back to having dinner before 9.30 pm!!

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