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4 month sleep regression HELP!

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munchymoo Mon 04-Jul-16 08:26:41

DS is EBF, 6 months old but 4.5 months corrected and for the last month or so sleep has gone totally to pot.

I feed him to sleep and he goes down around 7.30pm in a bedside crib, he then starts waking around 10.30pm every hour. DH deals with the first lot of wakings and he can settle him almost immediately on his shoulder and get him back down. By 2am we swap and I put DS in bed with me where he has a feed at 2am then sleeps soundly until 6am.

This makes me think he's waking for comfort, as he'll sleep soundly in bed with me?

I struggle with settling at night (and during day!) - I am massively sleep deprived and my patience is on a tiny short fuse at the moment, when DS won't settle I practically lose it and sometimes I have to leave the room I am so beside myself with frustration. I am also a light sleeper and really struggle to get back to sleep once woken, so I have until now avoided having to do the whole settle baby, get back in crib thing (hence the bedsharing). I find I get so wound up and anxious that he won't go down, it keeps me awake for hours.

Unfortunately owing to being a crappy light sleeper I struggle to sleep in bed with DS too - every shuffle and movement keeps me awake so I often lie there for hours not sleeping.

DH is getting to point of not coping on limited sleep and he starts a new job soon where he will have to be on the ball. Thus the night wakings may start to be more down to me which I don't mind, but I feel like I need to choose the lesser of 2 evils - share my bed with a wriggly baby who keeps me awake all night doing that, or face my demons and decide to start trying to get DS to sleep in crib all night and be up and down like a yoyo and suffer probably really major frustration feelings which I would like to avoid! Any ideas why DS is waking so much, and how long does this phase last???? I'm desperate!

munchymoo Mon 04-Jul-16 08:37:31

And does anyone else feel like this? The frustration with settling etc

munchymoo Mon 04-Jul-16 16:30:20


ImSoVeryTired Tue 05-Jul-16 01:47:17

Hi. I feel for you. I am sleeping in my sons room, he's nearly 5 months . I can't wait till he's 6 and I can go back to my bedroom. He's being a total nightmare tonight. Has woken every 1 1/2 to half hour since about 6.30. Won't settle, half the time I get him down. I understand your frustration. I tend to take him into bed with me after 2am as I get more sleep with him laying on me and occasionally waking for boob. Sure this is terrible habit but I need sleep. Despite being a light sleeper and not sleeping well with him on me, at least I am sleeping! The more he wakes, the harder I find it to get back to sleep.
No solutions I'm afraid, just my heartfelt sympathy.

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