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Moving from cot to bed soon

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sycamore54321 Sun 03-Jul-16 19:35:55

Hi, my very active son is starting to attempt to climb out of his cot - he hasn't done it yet but only because we now lift him up he second he wakes so he doesn't get the chance. He is generally a great sleeper - has milk, story and cuddles in his room and once we pop him down, he chatters away to his teddy for a short while and drifts off to sleep. We are scared that it will soon no longer be safe for him to be in the cot with climbing risk, and would like your advice on how to transition.

Is this the right thing to do, it is he ok young - he is 23 months old. I have nieces and nephews of almost 4 still in cots and insistent that they don't want beds, but there difference is they have never shown any signs of climbing out.

He has always slept in a sleeping bag (also helps limit the climbing!) but I imagine his would be unsafe once in a bed where he can get out easily. Should we change everything at once - take sides off cot bed and move straight to duvet/blanket or risk keeping the sleeping bag for familiarity or start using blankets while he is still in the cot and risk him climbing out?

Should we use a bed rail? I assume yes, the other side will be pushed against the wall but should I know anything about them? Any pros or cons to this?

Should we carry on leaving his room while he is still awake or is that a recipe for him exploring and general disaster? Should we spend the first days/weeks sitting next to him to get him to stay in? Or will his create a new habit that might be tough to break?

He does use a floor mattress and blanket for naps at crèche (3 days a week) but he generally doesn't sleep well there at all, often no nap at all - crèche workers are always amazed when I say he religiously does a solid 3 hour nap every day at home! I think the issue in crèche is less the mattress and more the general potential for excitement so I'm hoping it won't be the same with the cotbed.

Any advice or ideas welcome.

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