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12w/o wind while asleep or hunger and not wanting to wake up?

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mallorcanmummy Sun 03-Jul-16 17:32:27

Hi, I've been really lucky in that my DS has slept really, really well from quite early on. For the last month we've usually had around 9.30/10pm - 6.30/7am with one wake up for a feed between 3 and 5 and back to sleep. He has started making quite distressed noises, whilst seemingly asleep, and crunching his tummy a bit. This happens between 3 and 5 am, when he would normally wake to feed. I"ve tried just picking him up and calming him, but he starts again when I put him down. I've tended to feed him at this point, which he does do, but only for a few minutes before drifting off again.
He has just done the same thing after a pretty long nap of over 2 hrs (he's usually a 45min napper) and I was starting to think he must be hungry.
I tried cycling his legs and he farted, but kept making the distressed noises. I woke him and he fed for a good while.

Does this sound like wind, or is he hungry but not wanting to wake up?

It always seems to be at a time when I think he 'should' be getting hungry. and it seems strange that he isn't distressed when he goes to sleep, even after a feed.

Also, he has been a bit distressed after feeds recently too, with bigger burps, which he rarely did in the first few weeks, and very often posseting, which he never did at first. He then sometimes cries after I"ve burped/he's posseted. I've raised the cot mattress and try to feed more upright which has helped with the crying after.

Sorry this is so long! I'm not sure if these things are related, ie possible reflux?

Any ideas, thanks??

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