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Help! One year old nighttime milk monster

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Joebananas Sun 03-Jul-16 09:22:48

This is my first post so hope I get all the info across! My one year old DS (second child) has gone to sleep fine by himself since he was 6 months old (no rocking, dummy, boob as we took dummy away at 6 months). He's always had milk just before naps and bed though but gone down awake. Learnt the hard way with ds1 so thought we'd nailed it. Anyway, he seemed to be heading in the right direction waking once in the night and going through until 7. Anyway, all went belly up about 6 weeks ago and started waking every 3 hours. He's been having 2 bottles and one breastfeed t night. I finally had enough 2 nights ago and cut the milk. First night awful as expected. Last night he didn't cry too much but I had to sleep with my hand on him through the cot bars which was ridiculously uncomfortable but he was really unsettled. I cuddled him a fair bit too. So less crying but equally if not more disturbed. I was expecting crying but less of it and now am really worried he's going to need me to sleep on his floor with my hand on him! Night feeds were easier! Anyway, any advice greatly appreciated. Please note he is 1 not a baby. I have been through a version of controlled crying with my eldest at 7 months. It's very effective if hard but one year olds present a different set of issues so would like to hear from others with children around that age. Thanks soooo much mumsnetters!!! Xx

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